When most radio stations play oldies these days, it's mostly from the 90s 00s and even the 10s. Proper Oldies is here to redress the balance.

Before the mid 50s, music was not really for a teenage market. It was for adults. Radio consisted of big bands and singers. There wasn't really anything that belonged to younger people.

That changed during the 1950s when the likes of Bill Haley & His Comets, Elvis Presley and Rock and Roll burst onto the scene in America. In the UK it took a bit longer, but artists such as Lonnie Donegan, Cliff Richard and Tommy Steele started to make inroads into the record buying public.

And from there, it all started to move on, as pop music was changed forever. During the 60s we saw Beatlemania and the psychedelic hits of the mid 60s, which led to prog-roc, and into glam rock in the 70s, before moving on to disco and beyond. And then in the 80s we were treated to the likes of New Romantics, Brit Pop and much, much more.

The Proper Oldies radio show celebrates the various strands of pop music from the 50s to the 80s. Four decades that changed the face of popular music forever.

I'm James Murphy, and each week, I'll be delving into the archives to play you the best music from what I consider the be the best three decades of pop music. Each show is full of songs that will get you singing along and taking you back to the greatest days of music.





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