People of a certain age will probably remember a time when friends came around and you went through your records playing whatever you fancied at the time, going from genre to genre, back and forth through the years, just having a great time playing a proper mix of music.

Well, I'm bringing it  to radio, but slightly updated, using music gleaned from vinyl, CDs, downloads, minidiscs and even cassette if that's that only format I've got what I want to play on.

Features include a revamped Pot Luck Jukebox, and 'Cratediggin!' where I'll play something I've bought recently whether it be from Charity Shop, Record shop or online.

These days, the equivalent would be an mp3 player on shuffle. But instead of it being a solitary thing, you'll be more than welcome to join me and be part of it by making requests.

Having been collecting music for over 50 years, I've got a whole load of music from a huge range of sources. One thing's for sure, it's going to be wide ranging and fun!





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